Have you been toying with the idea of getting your own semi-truck and becoming a long-haul truck driver? If so, then you should consider getting a used semi-truck. While purchasing a new one or leasing one may seem more appealing, there are actually many benefits to buying used. Check out these five facts you need to know about used semi-trucks.

They Are Affordable

New vehicles have big price tags because they are new. You know that no one has had a secret accident or fiddled with the engine. However, because of this, dealers can sell new vehicles for a lot of money. New semi-trucks cost up to $150,000. The exact price depends on several factors:

  • Manufacturer
  • Make
  • Model
  • Features

On the other hand, used semi-trucks cost between $15,000 and $100,000, depending on the previously mentioned factors and the year. Also, when you purchase from a reliable used semi-truck dealer, you know you are getting a truck that is reliable because that's all they typically sell.

You Can Get Better Features

Shopping for a new vehicle can be exciting if you have a ton of money to spend because you can see all the greatest and latest features. Of course, those features cost a lot of money, so if you get a new semi-truck, you may only be able to afford a bare-bones model. Thanks to the much more affordable price tag of used semi-trucks, you are more likely to find amazing features for an inexpensive price. Don't worry about options, either. A used semi-truck dealer will be able to help you find a used truck that has the features you desire most.

There Is Less Depreciation

Remember that high cost of new vehicles? Well, once they are no longer new (even if you've been using it for only a few months), the value of the car drastically decreases. This is known as depreciation. With depreciation, it's entirely possible for you to buy a new truck, total it and not get as much as you owe on the car from the insurance carrier. Therefore, you can't pay off the totaled truck, so you must keep paying the monthly payment despite not using. With used trucks, however, there is much less depreciation. You usually get close to what you still owe on the truck if it is totaled or sold.

Some Operating Costs Are Lower

If you have a semi-truck, you also need to worry about the operating costs. Two of the biggest operating costs are insurance and gasoline. With used trucks, you're going to pay less for your insurance premiums because the insurance company won't need to pay much if the truck is totaled or stolen. If you have a new truck, your premiums are higher to cover the higher amount the insurance company may have to pay. On the other hand, a newer truck will have better gas mileage, so you may have to shop around when looking at used trucks to find one with great fuel efficiency.

You Can Purchase a Used Semi-Truck Online

If you're ready to buy a used semi-truck, you may be wondering where you're supposed to find one. You may have a dealer in your area, but consider finding a dealer online. When you work with someone online, you have access to the entire United States, which drastically opens your options to find that perfect used truck,

Getting a used semi-truck just makes sense, especially when you're just starting out and need to conserve money. If you would like more information about used semi-trucks, or if you want to start shopping, contact an online dealer today. Find more information by talking to a local used freight truck dealer.