Spending time in the great outdoors can be exciting. Having the opportunity to hunt for wild animals can enhance your outdoor experience. Since wild animals often live in remote areas, you will need a vehicle capable of traversing rough terrain in order to capture your prey.

The addition of a few aftermarket accessories can transform your truck into a tool that will contribute to the success of your next hunt.

1. Gun or Bow Holder

In order to complete a successful hunt, you will need a weapon. Transporting a rifle or bow can be challenging. You don't want your weapon to get jostled sitting on the floor or seat of your truck. Installing a gun or bow holder allows you to transport your weapons with ease.

Look for a weapon holder that features rubber-coated grips that will cushion the gun or bow as you travel over rough mountain terrain. A model that fits over the rear seat of your truck is best, as these weapon holders require no bolts and keep your gun or bow out of view during transport.

2. Camouflage Wrap

Having the ability to sneak up on your prey is essential when hunting wild animals. If your truck is painted a bright color, it will not blend into the surrounding environment. You can invest in an aftermarket decal wrap to help mask the appearance of your vehicle.

Camouflage wraps can help your vehicle blend into any natural surroundings. These wraps also look great and announce to other drivers that you are an avid hunter as you travel down public roadways.

3. Game Hoist

Once you fill your tag by making a kill, you need to dress the animal to prepare it for transport back home. Field dressing is a lot easier when you have access to a game hoist.

These hoists attach to the hitch of your truck and allow you to suspend your kill in the air to facilitate the skinning process. A quality game hoist can also alleviate some of the physical stress associated with hunting by helping you load your animal into the bed of your truck without straining your back. 

Look for a hoist with a sturdy steel frame that will stand up to the weight of a large deer or elk.

Outfitting your truck with the right accessories can transform your vehicle into a valuable hunting asset. Consider the addition of a gun or bow holder, camouflage decal wraps, and a game hoist for more successful hunts in the future.

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